Private initiative under the patronage of La direction générale des Entreprises (one of the departments of the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance)
The aim of the French-Russian Digital Business Alliance is to gather French and Russian digital companies that want to work closer together. The idea is to boost concretely the growth of French and Russian digital ecosystems by doing more R&D (Research and Development) and projects together in the fields of artificial intelligence, internet of things, open source, e-government.

Members of the alliance are not just broadcast to the public the current challenges and issues in the above areas, but also work on creating co-innovations that are designed to provide their users with ethical technologies and digital independence from the well-known Internet-giants from the US and Chinese markets.

Goals of the French-Russian Digital Business Alliance:
  • Members of the French-Russian Digital Business Alliance build and promote "Third digital way" in order to develop French-Russian co-innovations based on national development and best expertise of the countries in areas of IT and e-gov that will be the alternatives to foreign software;

  • Companies proceeded to the French-Russian Digital Business Alliance meet twice or three times per year in order to share their experience and knowledge about how to succeed in their respective countries;

  • Companies, French and Russian, are ambassadors of the challenges and issues in the areas of IoT, open source, artificial intelligence and e-gov;

  • Companies develop common R&D that will strengthen the global partnership between them;

  • The French-Russian Digital Business Alliance will act under the patronage of the governments of Russia and France.

The French-Russian Digital Business Alliance already has an impressive list of members / participants. From the French side: Linagora, Orange, Sigfox, Qwant, Decod, Biinlab, MEF (Maison des Entrepreneurs Français in Moscou), FrenchTech Moscow, Dialogue de Trianon… And from the Russian side: Technoserv, Satel, Satell IT, Rostelecom, MTS, EZ Mobile, Korus, First Line Software, Altarix, RUSSOFT, ROS Platforma, Moscow Innovation Agency, and many more.

First meeting of the alliance members from the French side at the Ministry of Economic and Finance of France. February 2019.
Participants: LCS, Biinlab, Sigfox, MEF, LINAGORA, The Agency of development and attractiveness of the territories of Val d'Oise, Decod, DGE, Orange, QWANT

On the 5th of June 2019 in Moscow, the Alliance organized First French-Russian Digital Conference. The event has gathered more than 50 companies from France and Russia that they want to collaborate.
Besides on networking, the participants of the conference discussed discuss how Russia can take an advantage from using open source in order to be more independent and to develop its digital sovereignty, how is it possible to create innovative, ethical, sustainable and scalable digital services that will be an alternatives to the solutions of the foreign Internet-giants.

On the 22nd of October within the agenda of a digital working group of CEFIC and activities of the French-Russian Digital Business Alliance LINAGORA organized B2B speed dating. The event took place in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow) under the patronage of La direction générale des Entreprises (DGE) of the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, the International Coordination Digital Center of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media.
As an initiator of the French-Russian Digital Business Alliance, Chairman of LINAGORA and public figure, Alexandre Zapolsky was delighted to welcome at the B2B speed dating representatives of around 30 companies from France and Russia.

The event aimed to bring together CEOs, CTOs and decision-makers in the digital economy from both countries, to find new partners and points for collaboration. The event opened by the discussion about the French-Russian cooperation between representatives of the French and Russian Ministries, French Tech Moscow and LINAGORA.
In the end, participants had a chance for individual networking while which they could discuss opportunities for collaboration and find new contact for developing business and R&D.

The day of the business meetings was closed by an evening cocktail in the historical city centre of Moscow where guests and participants French-Russian delegation could enjoy networking surrounded by the wonderful atmosphere of Russian hospitality.

This evening was opened by the welcome speeches from representatives of the French Embassy in Moscow, French digital working group delegation and heads of private companies.

For LINAGORA it was also an opportunity to share with partners, clients and players of the digital ecosystem great news about the new opening of LINAGORA Russia branch.

In total this day gathered around 60 companies that weren't familiar with the activities of the alliance: Ippon Technologies, IT Quick, IBS DataFort, Airbus, AUVIX, BARS Group, Decathlon, Zyfra and more. Post-release on the events is available through the following link. Also, you could find the full photoset from the B2B speed dating and Gala Cocktail here.